Tailgate safety meeting are a requirement for all projects that First Call Environmental completes. These are short, informational meetings conducted at the start of the project by the site safety officer. The purpose of the tailgate safety meeting is to review the job hazards and the controls that will be put in place to keep the crew, the customer and the general public safe.

During the meeting, the safety officer will review the overall scope of the project. This will cover the weather conditions, the site hazards and the required personal protective equipment required to complete all required tasks while carrying out the scope. The safety office will also inform the crew of the nearest locations for medical care in the event of an accident while on the work site. Once all the information is provided to the team, there is a chance for an open discussion to ensure all team members are on the same page.

As a part of the meeting, the team will generally walk the work site to ensure that the necessary staffing and equipment is present and to identify any areas of concern. Engineering controls and best practices will be a part of the discussion as well.

These meetings will occur at the start of every project as well as when returning from breaks and in the event of a change in the work scope. These meetings help to ensure a safe and efficient work flow and ensure that every project displays the First Call Difference.