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Mark Helberg

Chief Executive Officer

Custis Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Wade Williams

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Eric Hartman

Vice President of Operations

Michael Tomaszewski

Director of Compliance

Rick Pulyer

Vice President of Emergency Response

Doug McCotter

Director of Human Resources

Dana White

Vice President of Finance 

Harry E. Gregori, Jr.

Lead Regulatory Manager

John Conover

Senior Scientist

Bill Riddell

Health and Safety Officer

Paige Quave

HR/Payroll Administrative Coordinator

Erica Boeckle

Waste Coordinator

Joe Calveric

Inventory Manager

Theresa Mantiply

Executive Assistant

Julie Pittman

Director of Project Management

Josh Dix

Project Manager

Taylor Hartman

Project Manager

Abby Borders

Project Manager

Will Parcell

Project Manager

Ann Novakowski

Project Manager

Taylor Kickler

Project Manager

Makayla Stepp-Davis

Project Manager

Guy Allard

Project Manager

Kennedy Helberg

Project Manager

Kelly Lacy

Accounting Associate

U.S. Field Offices

Chuck Reinwald

Senior Regional Manager

Fritz Gaubatz

Regional Administrator

Joe Sandoval

Travelling Area Manager

Jenna Minton

Region Sales Manager, Central & North Carolina

Sean Farley

Apex, NC Area Manager

Chris Lance

Fayetteville, NC Area Manager

Wesley Kleitches

Winston-Salem, NC Area Manager

Ricky Myers

Appalachian Region Manager

Dan Hardman

Asheville, NC Area Manager

Allan Reed

Chattanooga, TN Area Manager

Michael Phelps

Central Region Manager

Will Hendel

Richmond, VA Area Manager

Grant Hedrick

Newport News, VA Area Manager

Blake Hartman

Petersburg, VA Area Manager

Tyler Bobbit

Roanoke, VA Area Manager

James Rossi

Stafford, VA Area Manager

Matt Corley

Northern Region Sales Manager

Brandon Stanoszek

Pittsburgh, PA Area Manager

Brandon Martin

Southern Region Sales Manager

Jeffrey King

Southern Region Manager

Darryl Roberts

Augusta, GA Area Manager

Brandon Blackwelder

Charlotte, NC Area Manager

Andy Shields

Columbia, SC Area Manager

Maryellen Bohls

Western Region Sales Manager

Kris Goodman

Western Regional Manager

Josh Schmidt

Cincinnati, OH Area Manager.

Ryan Turner

Columbus, OH Area Manager.

Wayne Mosely

Louisville, KY Area Manager

Employee Spotlight

Wayne Mosely

Wayne Mosely

Kentucky Area Manager

Wayne Mosely has been First Call Environmental’s Louisville, KY Area Manager for five years now and has been a source of positivity and hard work since his first day.  Wayne is an employee who embraces the First Call Difference and brings that attitude to his location and his region.

Wayne was born and raised in Louisville, KY and is also a full time firefighter for 21 years where he works at Zoneton Fire Protection District in Shepherdsville, KY.

Wayne is engaged to his fiance Mandy and they share four children, Jaida, Riley, Lily and Layla.  Wayne and Mandy are planning their wedding to take place in November of 2022.  Wayne and Mandy will also be grandparents soon as Jaida is expecting to have Beux Anthony in December!  We cannot forget to mention Wayne’s pets, their dog Baylae and their cat Khloe.

In Wayne’s free time, he is an avid outdoorsman that enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping and he also serves as the Co-Chair of the Bullit County, KY Chapter 62 Ducks Unlimited group.

First Call wants to thank Wayne for his work and dedication to the company and all that he does for his community.