About Our Team

Corporate Office

Mark Helberg

Chief Executive Officer

Wade Williams

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Custis Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Pulyer

Vice President of Operations

Erica Boeckle

Director of Project Management

Doug McCotter

Director of Human Resources

Harry E. Gregori, Jr.

Lead Regulatory Manager

John Conover

Senior Scientist

Dana White

Director of Finance 

Jenna Minton

Region Sales Manager, Central & North Carolina

Alan Byrd

Health and Safety Officer

Bob McClintock

Project Manager

Josh Dix

Project Manager

Hudson Elmore

Project Manager

Janna Mentz

Project Manager

U.S. Field Offices

Gary Acquaro

Western Region Manager

Josh Schmidt

Cincinnati, OH Area Manager.

Steven Arthur

Columbia, SC Assistant Manager

Wayne Mosely

Louisville, KY Area Manager

Brandon Blackwelder

Charlotte, NC Area Manager

Ann Novakowski

Project Manager

Sean Farley

Winston-Salem, NC Assistant Manager

Michael Tomaszewski

Southern Region Sales Manager

Steve Bailey

Woodbridge, NJ Area Manager

Chris Lance

Fayetteville, NC Area Manager

Ed Naughton

Pittsburgh, PA Area Manager

Chuck Reinwald

Northern Region Manager

Drew Goings

Columbus, OH Area Manager

Tyler Crabtree

Knoxville, TN Area Manager

Will Hendel

Richmond, VA Area Manager

Mike Phelps

Fredericksburg, VA Area Manager

Blake Hartman

Petersburg, VA Area Manager

Employee Spotlight

Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell

Hazmat technician, Knoxville, TN

Joe Campbell is retired Nuclear research associate, who also spent seven years at a national laboratory as a research associate has been a hazmat technician for First Call Environmental at our Knoxville, TN location since it’s inception in 2014 . Born and raised in Knoxville, Joe’s attention to detail along with his calm and focused demeanor coupled with a positive, dedicated attitude has served Team Knoxville incredibly well with our customers and fellow employees.

Joe has been married to his wife Margaret for 36 years. Joe and Margaret have three children and five grandchildren who keep them both very busy. In his spare time, Joe enjoys riding dirt bikes, fishing, and spending time with friends and being a big part of his church.

First Call wants to thank Joe Campbell for always showing The First Call Difference. One call to 800-646-1290 is all it takes to have Joe Campbell and Team Knoxville, and the other 18 field offices show you, “The First Call Difference!’