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We had a water quality inspection at our Greensboro plant. Unfortunately, we had a few issues that needed to be corrected immediately. I called the First Call Environmental 800 number, and a representative named Patrick immediately got me in touch with Mike Way. Mike was attentive listening to me explain our problem. He got all my information and asked if he could call me back after he contacted their Greensboro location. In a very short time Mike called me back and said that there was a technician and crew on the way to our plant. The technician arrived at our location assessed the situation and immediately went into action. They placed some boom to contain our water runoff and produced a plan of further action. This being the first time I have worked with First Call I was very impressed with the entire crew’s professionalism and speedy response.

Thanks to everyone involved!

Quinn Vaughan

North Carolina Environmental and Safety Manager

First Call Environmental is a company that truly embodies the mission and values that they set forth. From their dedication to beating industry standards with their response times to their drive to being a service-driven organization, First Call makes a commitment and then follows through. After many years of partnership, Enthalpy Analytical can confidently state that First Call Environmental is made up of a team dedicated to their core values.

Enthalpy Analytical

I used First Call Environmental in December 2023.  We had a large delivery of totes containing food grade oil to our company and the driver pulled up with a leak.  Needless to say, the ‘leak’ was like a waterfall coming off the back of the truck. We rejected the shipment and ultimately ended up calling First Call Environmental.  They were on site within 2 hours and assessed the situation.  The job took over 19 hours to clean up and dispose of the rejected shipment. However, First Call Environmental stayed the entire time, working through the night.  They are a group of dedicated employees, and I would use them again for all of my clean ups.

Marlene Crewes

Compliance Manager, Triangle Warehouse

I recently used First Call Environmental to address a situation with a trailer of batteries that had several pallets compromised. From the moment the interaction started until the final invoice was sent, the experience was excellent. They did exactly what they said they would do and communicated every step of the way. They provided a quote that was right in line with the final invoice.  They interacted with our customer directly and made sure they were satisfied before they left the site. They completed the work timely and precisely when they said they would and provided great detail and pictures of the completed work. I will certainly be using this service for any future hazmat clean up needs. Thanks,

Matt Pedriana

Regional Transportation Manager, East Region, Clarios

The crew was on site before the time expected, called me, and sent initial pictures.  They let me know when they were done and sent me pictures, including the waste and BOL.  Everything was done professionally, starting with Wade. The crew did an excellent job.  This is the reason, you are my first call (literally the name of you company!) when I have a job and see that you have coverage in that area.  Thank you!

Miguel Mercado

Strategic Sourcing Project Manager, Republic Services

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the exceptional job that First Call Environmental did in response to a spill incident on 11/22/23. Their prompt and efficient cleanup efforts exceeded our expectations.

 First Call Environmental demonstrated a high level of professionalism and expertise throughout the entire cleanup process. Their team worked diligently to mitigate the impact of the spill, ensuring minimal disruption to the customer’s operations and the surrounding environment.

 Not only did they handle the cleanup with utmost care and precision, but they also maintained open lines of communication, providing regular updates on the progress, and addressing any concerns promptly. Their communication to safety and adherence to industry regulations were evident in every aspect of their work.

 Thanks to First Call Environmental’ s swift response and thorough cleanup, the customer was able to resume their operations without any further delays. Their dedication to excellence and their commitment to environmental stewardship make them a valuable partner in our business.

 I highly recommend First Call Environmental for any environmental cleanup needs. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to quality are truly commendable. We are grateful for their outstanding service and the peace of mind they provided during this challenging time.

Kevin Brown

Operations Manager, Howard Sheppard, Inc.

An old heating fuel tank in my basement was detected by my HVAC company to be leaking on a Friday afternoon.  I was panicked, searching online for help, and called multiple remediation companies…no answer.  First Call answered and said they could help.  Then they responded like the cavalry I needed…assembling a team that deployed to my home in less than two hours and stayed, working until the tank was emptied and secured early Saturday morning.  Their amazing, effective late-hours, response prevented significant damage to my home.  And they completed a messy job inside my home with care for my interior. 

If you need help, make First Call Environmental, your first call!

Kim Bolger

I cannot express how professional, and wonderful of a human being Chris Kemp is. He helped me through our project and the mess we made for he and his crew.  Chris and his crew worked very hard to finish the job ASAP.  Chris showed up and took care of business.  I just want First Call to know that you have one of the best men working for you.  Thank you so much for helping me out.

Lenny Shalaby

European Auto Expo

We recently hired First Call Environmental to help us with an accident and fuel transfer along the side of the road.  County Haz-Mat required a professional company to handle it since it was an open top fuel transfer from a damaged tanker to another tanker.  First Call was there and they solved it all very efficiently.  It was time consuming but was time well spent.

I dealt with Wade Williams, super nice humble person to work with and Chuck Reinwald who took over for the onsite operations, another great person.

For me and Proactive Logistics, it was like, FIRST CALL HANDLED IT ALL!

Sonu Randhawa

President, Proactive Logistics, LLC

Since becoming a distributor of SpillTech absorbents in 2021, First Call Environmental has truly been more of a partnership than just a business relationship. It is a pleasure to work with another organization that has the same values and goals of making everyone safer 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. First Call’s can-do attitude and immediate response to things that happen at inconvenient times, gets our absorbents out where needed before the situation can become dangerous. We look forward to a long partnership with First Call Environmental, helping them make work a safer place for all.


First Call is one of the few companies out there that operates on the same “sense of urgency” as we do. Their knowledge, professionalism and quick service makes them a clear choice for us to co-operate with on industrial cleaning and disposal projects.

Ty Odum

Senior Environmental Consultant, U.S. Waste Industries, Inc.

First Call, as its name describes, is quite literally our first call when it comes to Emergency Response work in the Southeast region. They are prompt, professional and provide great customer satisfaction. Reciprocally, we provide geotechnical and environmental services for First Call and co-operate to provide top notch professional services to both First Call’s clients and ours. 

TJ Gladden, GIT

Geologist II, CDG Engineers and Associates