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Since becoming a distributor of SpillTech absorbents in 2021, First Call Environmental has truly been more of a partnership than just a business relationship. It is a pleasure to work with another organization that has the same values and goals of making everyone safer 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. First Call’s can-do attitude and immediate response to things that happen at inconvenient times, gets our absorbents out where needed before the situation can become dangerous. We look forward to a long partnership with First Call Environmental, helping them make work a safer place for all.


First Call is one of the few companies out there that operates on the same “sense of urgency” as we do. Their knowledge, professionalism and quick service makes them a clear choice for us to co-operate with on industrial cleaning and disposal projects.

Ty Odum

Senior Environmental Consultant, U.S. Waste Industries, Inc.

First Call, as its name describes, is quite literally our first call when it comes to Emergency Response work in the Southeast region. They are prompt, professional and provide great customer satisfaction. Reciprocally, we provide geotechnical and environmental services for First Call and co-operate to provide top notch professional services to both First Call’s clients and ours. 

TJ Gladden, GIT

Geologist II, CDG Engineers and Associates

 On April 26, 2023, at about 1122 hrs. eastern time, our company suffered a spill due to an equipment failure on a trailer. The driver followed procedures in reporting and assisting in containing the non-hazardous Calcium Carbonate spill. Based on the SDS, and the State requirements, the spill had to be cleaned up by a licensed and insured environmental response company. Our company has 3RD party responses throughout the United States for emergency responses; however, during this incident I was looking for someone local to handle that does not markup pricing and works with you directly. First Call Environmental team did just that. After progressive research, we found them to be the direct vendor. Their team communicated through email and phone and only provided what was needed to clean up the product meeting all compliance requirements from the state. There are many predatory vendors out there I have dealt with that focus on taking the company’s money and over exceeding needed response and manpower. First Call Environmental did not do that and responded with our company needs and not their own. First Call Environmental facilities are in: North-East, Mid-West, and some South-East growing into Florida here this upcoming year. We are thankful for their professionalism, response and communication that resulted in a fair invoice and full compliance with state requirements. We look forward to future relationships as we work and grow together when that emergency call is answered.
Larry Nilmeier

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, North-East, Mid-West, South-East, Tankstar USA Inc.

Your first call should always be to First Call Environmental. Unfortunately, my first call was not to them, but to another company where I was put on hold for close to 10 minutes during a diesel spill. I then placed a call to First Call, they answered and committed to send a crew within 45 min to take care of the spill. The communication, professionalism and follow up is next level. I highly recommend!

Brent Khan

Logistics Manager, Parksite, North Brunswick, NJ

First Call Environmental will now be my first (and hopefully only) call for all of my environmental needs! ALL spills, hazardous substance releases are critical and require immediate attention…First Call Environmental not only shared my sense of urgency to handle a recent issue, they performed the work flawlessly. From the initial phone call to Wade Williams to the final payment, their professionalism and attention to detail allowed me to handle multiple other aspects of this incident. Nobody wants to experience a spill but when they happen, response time, efforts and communication are critical components for proper remediation and First Call Environmental checked all the boxes…Thank you!

Vince Ferloin

Director of Safety, US Bulk Transport, INC