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I inherited a bunch of old oil drums and miscellaneous chemicals that I needed to get off of my property. I had received a business card at a local town meeting and gave Matt the local sales rep a call. The rep from First Call Environmental came out to my house the next day and helped me make sure nothing was leaking and was stored correctly. With his help, I was able to dispose of everything properly.

Olga Tarasenko

Home Owner, Elizabeth NJ

I’d like to thank First Call Environmental for responding to my initial call for a spill response in Greensboro, NC.  Your team was prompt in the response and handled the job with tremendous professionalism.  As a result of this, we were able to gain another opportunity from our customer to provide them with additional work.  It appears that we may have another opportunity for more work due to your response and efforts.  During both jobs, Robert has kept me in the loop with status updates, suggestions to make the job go better, and any scope of work changes that the client may mention to him.


Again, I thank you for the help and I look forward to additional projects with First Call Environmental.

Pernell Johnson

Senior Program Director - CHMM, CBS Environmental

We had an incident in April of 2022 involving a truck fire and diesel fuel spill. First Call Environmental was recommended to me so I gave their eight hundred number a call and was able to speak with a company representative instantly and they immediately had a hazmat crew on the way. Their ETA was true and they walked me through the procedure step by step. The team worked through the night to make sure the situation was handled so I was able to rest easy. I would absolutely recommend First Call Environmental to other trucking companies.

George Soberal

Ryder Logistics, Port Reading NJ

I wanted to relay the relationship we have had with First Call. So far, they have been nothing but outstanding. The name itself is exactly what we pay for. When we call, you respond and react as the emergency appears. Our customers have been very complimentary to the cleanups serviced by First Call and it has given Noble Industrial Services a better image.

I can comment on one job the customer stated, “ this is the cleanest this area has looked in a while.” 

Your locations are super beneficial because your offices are similarly outlined around the markets, we normally work in. I can say that I would be the first one to call you before asking permission to call you.

Keep up the great work and all-around response time to Noble’s needs.

Carmen Allen

Noble Oil – Industrial Services/Filter Bin Router

I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for your company’s willingness to assist me with this project.  The team you sent to assist me was phenomenal and the work was completed prior to schedule.  Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I was assigned to work this project alone until your company provided help.  I have no words to express my gratitude for their hard work ethic and ability to learn quickly.  They helped ease the burden of this job tremendously and I hope in the future, if needed, we could use them again.

Robert C. Sapp III

Environmental Specialist 1

We had a large heating oil spill at one of my properties and our service manager called First Call Environmental and they immediately responded to our location. The crews were proactive and worked hard to contain the spill. First Call Supervisors and other company representatives were on site each day performing site safety walks. Their communication was excellent and left no questions unanswered.  Not only did the FCE crews remediate the spill and remove all of the contaminated materials, they also assisted with replacing the damaged walls, ceilings and floors.

John Dikmak

Business Owner, Cinnaminson NJ