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Your first call should always be to First Call Environmental. Unfortunately, my first call was not to them, but to another company where I was put on hold for close to 10 minutes during a diesel spill. I then placed a call to First Call, they answered and committed to send a crew within 45 min to take care of the spill. The communication, professionalism and follow up is next level. I highly recommend!

Brent Khan

Logistics Manager, Parksite, North Brunswick, NJ

First Call Environmental will now be my first (and hopefully only) call for all of my environmental needs! ALL spills, hazardous substance releases are critical and require immediate attention…First Call Environmental not only shared my sense of urgency to handle a recent issue, they performed the work flawlessly. From the initial phone call to Wade Williams to the final payment, their professionalism and attention to detail allowed me to handle multiple other aspects of this incident. Nobody wants to experience a spill but when they happen, response time, efforts and communication are critical components for proper remediation and First Call Environmental checked all the boxes…Thank you!

Vince Ferloin

Director of Safety, US Bulk Transport, INC

Aaron, thank you and First Call for your conduct and professionalism.

When you arrived on site it was a breath of fresh air. You introduced yourself to me and told me that you were Aaron from First Call and that you were there to take care of everything and to let you know what I needed, and that is exactly what you and your partner did. You handled yourself with professionalism and empathy and you were right on top of what needed to be done to address the concern on hand which was cleaning up the spillage from the accident. I did not give you any instructions because you didn’t need any- you partnered with the first responders on site to ensure that everything was taken care of, and of all the different concerns that I had in that moment, ranging from the health of our employee to all the others involved, the one thing that I did NOT need to worry about was whether the cleanup would be handled properly and I can’t thank you enough for being the resource we needed at that given moment.

It was a coincidence that we ended up working together that morning. Your company was not the Hazmat cleanup vendor that our company has listed as the primary, but in the time between when I was alerted regarding the accident and the time that our Safety Director was able to return my call asking about to who to call, the local law enforcement had recommended First Call so we called you. I cannot tell you how glad I am that happened. You were on site almost immediately, you were prepared, you were clearly experienced, and you handled everything.

Thank you for everything that you did and please know that I am extremely grateful to you and First Call for your conduct.

Drew Dickinson

Area Parts & Service Manager, Carter Machinery Company, Inc.

MXI Environmental Services greatly values and appreciates its relationship with First Call Environmental. First Call Environmental as a company is quick in response and is a pleasure to work with. First Call Environmental has many locations, well qualified staff, and many capabilities that cover a large area. This makes First Call Environmental a great resource to have wherever we are doing a project. We look forward to our continued relationship moving forward.

John Twiddy

Business Development Manager, MXI Environmental

HES continues to consider First Call an extension of our emergency response services team and we have specifically used their Augusta Operations for three spill responses the past couple of months, teaming with them in helping to bring two of the larger releases to regulatory closure.  Thanks First Call for being a trusted member of our response network for our clients across the footprint of your operations!

Kendall Sutler

Sr Project Manager, Highlands Environmental Solutions, Inc.