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Corporate Office

Mark Helberg

Chief Executive Officer

Wade Williams

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Custis Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Pulyer

Vice President of Operations

Josh Dix

Project Manager

Rebecca Brent

Senior Project Manager

Pat Procopio

Director of Human Resources

Harry E. Gregori, Jr.

Lead Regulatory Manager

John Conover

Senior Scientist

Dana White

Director of Finance 

Bob Frye

Central Region Manager

Chuck Reinwald

Northern Region Manager

Jenna Minton

Region Sales Manager, Central & North Carolina

U.S. Field Offices

Gary Acquaro

Western Region Manager

Dwayne Womble

Southern Region Manager

Josh Schmidt

Cincinnati, OH Area Manager.

Steven Arthur

Columbia, SC Assistant Manager

Mike Trivette

Project Manager

Wayne Mosely

Louisville, KY Area Manager

Brandon Blackwelder

Charlotte, NC Area Manager

Ann Novakowski

Raleigh, NC Assistant Manager

Sean Farley

Winston-Salem, NC Assistant Manager

Michael Tomaszewski

Southern Region Sales Manager

Phillip Brigham

Augusta, GA Assistant Manager

Steve Bailey

Woodbridge, NJ Assistant Manager

Employee Spotlight

Patrick Parks

Patrick Parks

Level 3 Technician, Columbia,SC

Patrick Parks is a Level 3 Technician in Columbia,SC and has been with the company for approximately 1.5 years. He is a vital part of the Columbia South Carolina Team and has Supervised, Operated and assisted on many difficult responses. He was also a part of the Strike Team response to Thomasville, GA in 2018. Patrick is committed to First Call Environmental and is enthusiastic about the growth of the Columbia, SC region and the company as a whole. 

Patrick is a Columbia South Carolina Firefighter, currently the rank of Engineer, with 10 years experience in the Fire Service. He is married and has one son. He is an avid outdoors man and enjoys hunting, fishing, archery, sport shooting, etc. 

Patrick has shown a great deal of growth potential and his future with First Call Environmental is very bright. Patrick has been a great asset to the Columbia South Carolina Team and we believe he will continue to help move this location and the company further in the future.

If you have an environmental cleanup emergency or situation, please call 800-646-1290 and let Patrick Parks and the Columbia, South Carolina team show you “The First Call Difference.”