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Corporate Office

Mark Helberg

Chief Executive Officer

Custis Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Wade Williams

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michael Tomaszewski

Vice President of Operations

Rick Pulyer

Vice President of Emergency Response

Doug McCotter

Director of Human Resources

Dana White

Director of Finance 

Harry E. Gregori, Jr.

Lead Regulatory Manager

John Conover

Senior Scientist

Jenna Minton

Region Sales Manager, Central & North Carolina

Eric Hartman

Central Region Manager

Brandon Martin

Southern Region Sales Manager

Matt Corley

Northern Region Sales Manager

Josh Dix

Project Manager

Taylor Hartman

Project Manager

Jonathan Fischer

Project Manager

Julie Pittman

Project Manager

Ann Novakowski

Project Manager

Taylor Kickler

Project Manager

Erica Boeckle

Project Manager

U.S. Field Offices

Jillian Parisien

Maple Shade, NJ Area Manager

Steve Bailey

Woodbridge, NJ Area Manager

Will Hendel

Richmond, VA Area Manager

Blake Hartman

Petersburg, VA Area Manager

Mike Phelps

Fredericksburg, VA Area Manager

Sean Farley

Apex, NC Area Manager

Chris Lance

Fayetteville, NC Area Manager

Kristen Summey

Charlotte, NC Area Manager

Josh Schmidt

Cincinnati, OH Area Manager.

Chuck Reinwald

Senior Regional Manager

Guy Allard

Southern Region Manager

Wayne Mosely

Louisville, KY Area Manager

Ed Naughton

Pittsburgh, PA Area Manager

Carole Lewis

Asheville, NC Area Manager

Darryl Roberts

Augusta, GA Area Manager

Ricky Myers

Knoxville, TN Area Manager

Ron Smith

Greensboro, NC Area Manager

Employee Spotlight

Jillian Parisien

Jillian Parisien

Area Manager, Maple Shade, NJ

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Jillian Parisien. Jillian is our Area Manager in Maple Shade New Jersey

As Area Manager, Jillian oversees both the day-to-day and emergency operations of the Maple Shade office and has grown both its staffing and operational capability. Jillians duties include hiring, training, scheduling or technicians and supervisors.

Since Jillian joined First Call Environmental just over a year ago, she has shown herself to be not just a skilled technician but a highly capable leader capable of moving her operation forward.

Groomed by family members like her brother and Grandfather whom are both in law enforcement, Jillian too wanted to serve and make a difference. A native of Upper Darby PA, Jillian grew up in Washington Township NJ, Jillian chose to furthered her education and obtained her bachelor’s degree in conservation and wildlife management with a minor in business administration.

When at home, jillian loves to spend time with her 2 cats and bearded dragon and in her free time, enjoys snow boarding, hiking and catching up on sleep. We are proud that Jillian calls First Call home and look forward to what her bright future holds.

Please join us in welcoming Jillian to the First Call Environmental family!