Choosing the right PPE is crucial in keeping the workforce safe.  The following chart will help you choose the right protective gloves to have in your PPE kit.
The most effective and reliable way to prevent skin issues is to prepare and conduct procedures to avoid contact with harmful substances.  In order to do that, be sure to exhaust all the processes before resorting to the use of protective gloves.
Protective gloves tend to be less effective than other control measures but if contact is unavoidable, protective gloves may be needed.  When protective gloves are selected, make your selection on the work involved, the wearer and the work environment they will be working in.  These are the five factors for choosing the right protective glove:
1. Identify the substance being handled.
2. Identify all hazards involved with the task.
3. Consider the type and length of contact.
4. Consider the wearer – glove size and comfort level
5. Consider the task as a whole.