First Call was recently called to respond to a tractor trailer incident with fuel release in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The trailer trailer had veered off the interstate and traveled down a 100′ embankment rupturing its fuel tank impacting the soil below.  Crews responded and placed absorbent pad and boom at the furthest run off points to prevent further contamination and began working back to the cab of the tractor.  All standing contaminates were absorbed and the site was defensed and prepped for the upcoming soil excavation.  

Crews returned to the site to perform the soil excavation utilizing a 220 excavator, a 135 excavator along with a skid steer in order to move the contaminated soil up the site’s steep slope and into dump trucks for final disposal.  Clean fill was brought in and graded to return the site to pre-incident conditions.  Ultimately, 70 tons of contaminated soil was removed and disposed of from this site despite it’s difficult conditions.

Team Knoxville executed effectively and efficiently on this project and now stand ready to respond for you.  First Call Environmental can respond to any emergency at any of our 20 locations.  Please call 800-646-1290 and let the professionals go to work for you and your emergency.