On February the 12- 2019 the First Call Environmental (FCE) Columbia SC crew was deployed to a Bromide release inside of a conex shipping container.  Once on site the FCE crew obtained the SDS and a decision was  between on site supervision, and management was made for the team members to don their level B PPE and make entry into the container to gain air samples, and to do recon of any breached drums of product. After finding that entry to the front of the shipping container was a difficult task they began to unload by hand  50lb drums to gain proper access to the front of the unit. Each non-impacted product container had to be palletized shrink wrapped and made ready for delivery to their final destination, while continuing to work in level B PPE with SCBA’s. After gaining access to the front of the container the issue was determined and handled properly. The crew continued with the removal of the existing drums. Once the conex container was deemed free from any further contaminates they FCE entry team then pulled out of the work zone and went through a dry decon process. Another job successfully completed with exceptional attention to detail, safety, and communication with the customer’s needs in mind.