We’d like to shine the spotlight this month on our crew out of Woodbridge, NJ. They quickly responded to the scene of a call in Cherry Hill, NJ that initially came in as a spill of 160 gallons of gasoline. Upon arrival, Area Manager Jinmi Dare assessed the situation and determined the spill was not gasoline, but diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that had fallen off a shelf inside the facility. After Jinmi reviewed the safety protocols with his team and the proper PPE was donned, they got to work. Jinmi Dare, Lindsay Arrigo, Kyle Herzig, and Cory Allen used absorbents to clean up the main spill area. They then used simple green and absorbent pads to wipe down the undamaged plastic containers of DEF and got them restacked on a new pallet. The crew then focused their attention on the pallets of product below that were impacted when the DEF fell and splashed. The crew pulled out the affected pallets, cleaned and dried the floor beneath and wiped down the products with simple green and absorbent pads. A floor scrubber was then used throughout the spill zone to ensure the area was completely clean and cleared of all DEF. Afterwards, all absorbents, damaged containers, and wastewater from the scrubber and mops were properly packaged and labeled for disposal.