Our Service Area

First Call provides response services along the eastern seaboard with field offices servicing: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. In addition, our Strike Team is ready and capable of responding outside of our regular coverage area. See all of our field office locations.

Faster Response Time

Our response times are among the lowest in the industry, significantly shorter than the industry standard of two hours. First Call focuses on beating all industry standards. In fact, this is a part of what we call the “First Call Difference”. A fast response time in conjunction with an accurate assessment and fast and effective containment allow us to limit our customer’s liability and save them money.  Check out our Face book page to follow our projects!

Better Training

In our effort to beat the industry standard, we have developed “First Call University”. Through a continual combination of weekly safety briefings, near miss reporting, hands on training and web based training, First Call ensures that our employees are capable of completing any project safely and effectively the first time. Our employees receive initial and ongoing training that meet and exceed all Federal standards under 29FCR1910.120. Our capabilities range from small releases to high hazard incidents. First Call provides training to our employees in the following areas:

  • 29CFR1910.120 Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
  • 29CFR1910.146 Confined Space Entry and Rescue
  • Highway Response Specialist
  • Cargo Tank Truck Specialist
  • Hazmat Chemistry
  • Forklift Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Operator

Lower Total Cost

The sooner a spill is contained, the less liability and total cost your company could potentially face. First Call responds with in house personnel immediately to assess and contain the situation and begin the remediation/restoration process as soon as possible. With consistent communication and through the use of leading edge technology, our customers remain informed and involved in the project from start to finish allowing our performance to be in line with our customer’s budget.

 On April 26, 2023, at about 1122 hrs. eastern time, our company suffered a spill due to an equipment failure on a trailer. The driver followed procedures in reporting and assisting in containing the non-hazardous Calcium Carbonate spill. Based on the SDS, and the State requirements, the spill had to be cleaned up by a licensed and insured environmental response company. Our company has 3RD party responses throughout the United States for emergency responses; however, during this incident I was looking for someone local to handle that does not markup pricing and works with you directly. First Call Environmental team did just that. After progressive research, we found them to be the direct vendor. Their team communicated through email and phone and only provided what was needed to clean up the product meeting all compliance requirements from the state. There are many predatory vendors out there I have dealt with that focus on taking the company’s money and over exceeding needed response and manpower. First Call Environmental did not do that and responded with our company needs and not their own. First Call Environmental facilities are in: North-East, Mid-West, and some South-East growing into Florida here this upcoming year. We are thankful for their professionalism, response and communication that resulted in a fair invoice and full compliance with state requirements. We look forward to future relationships as we work and grow together when that emergency call is answered.
Larry Nilmeier

Environmental, Health & Safety Manager, North-East, Mid-West, South-East, Tankstar USA Inc.

24-hour Emergency Spill Response: