This month’s Project Spotlight took place in Richmond, VA! This project was called in as a release of 20-gallons of Hydraulic fluid impacting a road ramp. The First Call team arrived onsite ready to respond and began by meeting with the contact on site to form an appropriate response plan. First call then jumped into action building a containment area and gaining access to the 200-gallon hydraulic tank. First Call pumped out the tank after determining that using two pumps would be safe and would make the process more efficient. While the tank was being pumped out, crew members capped off the damaged lines with petroleum pads, tape, and zip ties. They then applied granular sorbents to the impacted area of ground under the truck. This prevented the truck from spreading additional oil. After applying the granular sorbents and completing the pumping of oil, the truck was removed from the scene. First Call applied more granular sorbents, working them in to absorb any remaining product. Before leaving the scene, our crew applied boom to the necessary storm drains in the area. This boom placement will protect the environment and waterways from any residual hydraulic fluid in the event of rain. Our crews will return after any rain events and collect the absorbent for proper disposal.  This exceptional and quick response was performed by Regional Manager, Steve Newsome’s team: Aaron Nemes – Area Manager, Brent Matthys, and Derrick Green.  Thanks to Aaron and his crew’s strong performance and efficiency, the Project Manager for this job, Taylor Kickler, and Waste Coordinator, Erica Bockle, were able to schedule a quick disposal and provide clear communication to the customer who was highly impressed with First Call teams handling of this job.

Let’s hear it for Aaron, Brent, Derrick, Taylor, and Erica for a job well done and for showing people what the First Call difference really looks like! Way to go!