On an early fall day First Call Richmond, VA was dispatched to a reported motor vehicle into a reservoir with a fuel release. Crews responded immediately and arrived on site within an hour and began to assist the onsite agencies with containment of the fuel. Fuel and motor oil had released from the vehicle and had impacted a small area of shore line along with visible product floating on the water. A First Call response vacuum truck was mobilized. First Call partners provided an emergency lane closure allowing the crew to work safely in an exclusion zone.

Crews deployed a boat as well as hard containment boom and absorbent boom to contain the product. The vacuum truck was positioned to skim free product from the surface while minimizing the capture of water. First Call response team members also performed a hand excavation of the impacted shoreline.

The crew completed the remediation and response activities in the same day and continued to monitor the site for several days. The project was wrapped up and the impacted areas were restored to pre-incident conditions.  This is just another example of why when there is an environmental emergency, your first call should be to First Call Environmental!

With response times under two hours, all locations staffed by First Call employees using First Call’s equipment, a “spill line” 800-646-1290 answered by a member of the management team, a dedicated project manager for every response, working with a sense of urgency for project completion while also providing top-tier customer service and communication on every project for every customer, that is what we call “The First Call Difference!”  Let First Call assist you on your next environmental incident.