On May 5th, First Call Environmental responded to a substantial release of petroleum in a residential neighborhood of Henrico County. Quantity and source of the release was not known, which had impacted multiple residences’ yards, street side ditches, storm water pathways and approximately 2 miles of an active stream. State and local authorities were onsite and ordered immediate mitigation and abatement of the release. First Call crews quickly mobilized equipment to the site to begin containment and recovery operations. After initial assessment, a plan of action was agreed upon and absorbent materials were strategically deployed to minimize further migration of the contaminant. Simultaneously, workers began vacuum and sorbent recovery of free phase product from the impacted stream and other standing areas. After free product was recovered, various areas of soil impact were excavated, transported and properly disposed of. Sampling and monitoring continued throughout the incident site, until no further risk to the community remained. Disturbed areas were restored to original conditions, interacting with homeowners and authorities, to ensure proper results. Another outstanding job by the First Call Team!!