First Call Environmental New Jersey was dispatched to a large tar emulsion release that impacted several drains as well as a long stretch of creek. Several days had passed from the time the incident had occurred until the time First Call was engaged. This allowed the material to spread within the creek causing widespread impact.

First Call teams conducted an assessment and dispatched the equipment needed to address the release. A vacuum truck as well as several temporary liquid storage tanks were mobilized to the site. The project involved manual labor collecting the emulsified material as well a mechanical means via the vacuum truck and a skid steer. Additionally, the First Call team performed a confined space entry into the drainage system to remove any residual material.

Due to the material involved and its impact to the creek, this has turned into a long-term project that is being managed by a Licensed Site Remediation Professional. First Call continues to perform site maintenance and will ensure that when complete, the site will be returned to pre-release.

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