On June 21st 2019 Fort Gordon and Augusta Fire Department were dispatched to a working fire inside of a waste container box, just outside the west gate of Fort Gordon, located on Gordon Hwy in Augusta GA. Upon their arrival they were notified that the mobile container was carrying various types of waste and waste debris.  They were informed that the cargo also contained different types of chemicals and flammable materials. It was unknown at the time if any of the waste was hazardous or non hazardous types of products. After the Fire Department made contact with the transport company, First Call Environmental (FCE) Augusta GA, service center was requested to respond to the site. Upon our arrival the FCE crew met with command and was briefed on the situation.  A joint plan of attack was put into place to extinguish the fire. FCE crew built an onsite decon, and containment system for the truck to sit the box on, this was done to keep the truck and driver free from injuries or damage. A vacuum truck was utilized to assist in capturing any fire water runoff so absolutely no contaminated water would be able to reach a nearby storm drain or any other environmental receptors. Once all task were completed the plan to extinguish the fire was executed by the fire department staff. All impacted water was successfully captured and contained. FCE crew members made entry into the container in search of any chemicals that may have been involved in the fire. All found products were located and effectively containerized and made safe for transport. After the waste container was deemed clean by GA (EPD) Environmental Protection Department, local emergency management gave the all clear to remove the waste container off site and be taken to the original destination. The FCE team began their demobilization process and then was put back in service for the next response. This response just goes to show how a text book joint command and Haz-Mat operation with private, local, and federal emergency agencies can work together as a team to achieve the same goal with no injuries and no impact to our environment. Training our team and working with our local government agencies is our core priority. This incident could not have been a success without everyone working as a team.