First Call Environmental’s Greensboro NC field office was requested to respond to a diesel release from a tractor trailer accident that impacted soil and private property. Upon arrival, local authorities requested that First Call expedite the excavation of diesel impacted soil due to incoming rain as well as the distance to the properties water supply. First Call immediately mobilized earth moving equipment to the site as well as a State certified geologist.

The remediation was started within hours of the initial dispatch. Areas impacted included a tree and a stone driveway. The diesel had followed the root system of the tree.  First Call teams removed the tree and all impacted soil. In order to meet the State standard, the team was required to remove a portion of the driveway as well. Once the State geologist declared the site to be free of contamination, First Call began the restoration process. Clean soil was utilized to fill in the excavated areas and properly graded. Seed and erosion control matting was then added and the site was returned to the property owner. 
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