First Call Louisville, KY was requested to respond to a leak of ink from a shipping container located at a wrecker service. Upon arrival, the crew discovered a red ink leaking out of multiple points from a 20′ sea container that had rolled over. The weather was warm on the day of the initial response and the product was causing quite a mess.

First Call crews contained the release and opened the container to determine the best course of action. The trailer contained 20 bladders of ink and due to the rollover, they could not be easily removed due to positioning. First Call developed a plan of action after consulting with the manufacturer. The site was secured as rain was incoming.

First Call returned and had to change plans several times throughout the project. Due to a drastic temperature change, the ink was a putty like consistency and could not be removed with any type of vacuum or pump. Crews employed multiple means of removal based on each individual bladders position and condition. After removal of all bags, approximately 3″ of thick product remained on the container floor. Crews worked to clean the remaining material before decontamination of all equipment utilized on the project.
While not a glamorous project, the crew gained valuable experience at changing plans multiple times to best address the next task. Hard work and perseverance, both required to complete a project such as this, are both an important part of the First Call Difference