This month’s project spotlight is brought to you by our Chattanooga office. The job was run by Regional Manager, Marcus Conchran, and his team made up of Assistant Area Manager, Autumn Taylor, and technicians, James Howlett and Yorrick Johnson. This job involved a wrecked tanker containing Caprolactam – an organic compound used to make synthetic fibers, plastics, and resins. This tanker was a steam jacketed insulated liquid tanker and the product had to maintain a temperature above 85° to be pumped/transferred. Because of the wreck, this product had been cooled for so long that it was completely solid. It took four days of heating and monitoring by our crew to even begin the transfer process and one full day to get the tank spic and span. Great job to the Chattanooga office in partnering with Project Manager Aylin Milia, and thank you for your diligence and hard work!