On a cold and snow covered evening, the Raleigh, NC office of First Call Environmental was dispatched to a tractor trailer accident causing a fuel spill directly into a storm sewer. With extremely hazardous road conditions and accidents covering the interstate, the crew made it’s way safely to the site.

Upon arrival, it was determined that the landing gear of the trailer had broken a storm sewer cover into the drain. The fuel had run straight into a block of ice containing the release. Crews managed to pry frozen drain covers from surrounding drains and secured absorbent boom to prevent the plume from spreading. A drum vac was employed to remove any free product as the hazardous road conditions made mobilization of a vacuum truck unsafe. Crews then recovered the remains of the broken cover and secured the site. As soon as the temperature inched its way above freezing, First Call was on site and ready to recover the remaining product. Despite the challenges, First Call responded safely and effectively and mitigate a large release with minimal impact.