On April 20th First Call Environmental was notified of a release of off road diesel fuel onto the property in Southern Georgia approximately 6 hours from our nearest field office. The incident involved several thousand gallons of product illegally dumped at a fuel station. Our customer has been pleased with the level of service on past projects and was willing to accept the long mobilization.

Upon arrival (FCE) Strike Team members found product in a ditch line, with migration down gradient from the station with entrance into a storm water receptor, with significant impact to a water shed on County owned property. FCE advised their plan of action to the, Georgia Environmental Protection Department, (GA EPD), and Federal EPA, of establishing choke points in the water way to keep any further impact to a natural spring fed tributary that attaches to the storm water shed. This goal was achieved within a four (4) hour span . The remainder of the plan was to place emphasis onto the contaminated water and remove as much fuel product as possible, before a large rain events moved into the area. This consisted of a 24 hour strategic team effort with other resources, to work the entire wood line with boots on the ground activities, and assisting with vacuum trucks and vacuum tankers to capture product. Within 42 hours the First Call Strike Team had made significant progress on mitigating the release with the assistance and guidance of the local EPD, In just over one week, First Call had mitigated the entire site and began the restoration process. Over 30,000 gallons of contaminated water was removed as well as a substantial amount of impacted soil.  First Call Environmental is capable of providing a strike team mobilization to locations outside of our typical coverage area 24/7. From oversight to boots on the ground, we are prepared to mobilize at any moment.