Impacted by Covid-19, the Historic Village of Allaire was facing financial hardship due to the lack of being able to host events and fundraisers. The First Call Environmental New Jersey offices, via our First Call Cares program, donated cleaning supplies for the continued and frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of the buildings to allow guests to enjoy the historic village and living museum once again. Our staff sorted the supplies and mixed the disinfectants into spray bottles for the volunteers to be ready to be utilized. Once the project was complete the staff at Allaire was gracious enough to give our team a private tour of all the buildings.

The Historic Village at Allaire (known as The Howell Iron Works in the 1830′s), was an iron producing, industrial village owned and operated by James P. Allaire. The museum opened in 1957 and is run by historic interpreters, school tour guides, performers, and volunteers of all ages. The historic buildings include the Allaire Chapel, The General Store, Blacksmith’s Shop, Gardener’s Cottage, the Allaire Mansion, and more.  The Historic Village at Allaire is a non-profit, living history museum, located in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Through the dedication of our visitors, volunteers, and staff, their goal is keeping history alive through events, fundraisers, reenactments. 

First Call saw this opportunity as a way of giving back to a local landmark and the community and we are proud of our two New Jersey field offices for making this happen.  Giving back and being a part of the local communities that we work and live in, just another example of The First Call Difference.