On Tuesday September 22, 2020, in continuance with the First Call Cares program, First Call Environmental assisted our neighboring community with an on going project. Powhatan County Volunteer Fire Department Company 4 (Fine Creek) in Powhatan, VA received a grant from a local business to jump start their Polaris project and upgrade their safety equipment.  First Call Environmental saw this as the perfect situation for The First Call Cares program to join in.

First Call donated a Stokes Basket and also a Sked Stretcher to aid in this project.  These items are part of the technical rescue system which allows the EMS/Firemen to retrieve the potential victims from difficult access points.  Before these items were donated, Fine Creek Volunteer Fire Department did not have these capabilities.

First Call wants to take this time to thank the members of Fine Creek Volunteer Fire Department and all of the Frontline Responders across the country for their continued commitment to keeping our lives save during this difficult time.   A special thank you, Chief Phil Warner and District Chief Will Hendel, for allowing First Call to be a part of this program.