First Call was contacted to respond to a chemical reaction causing a drum to expand in a warehouse. The drum contained an oxidizer and was showing a buildup of pressure. Upon arrival, the supervisor performed an assessment of the situation. A temperature was taken of the surface of the drum using an infrared meter from a safe distance. Once it was determined that the drum was not generating heat, a consultation was had with a response specialist to determine a safe and effective solution. The crew utilized proper personal protective equipment and slowly and safely released pressure from the drum. Once the pressure was released, the crew was able to safely over pack the drum to allow DOT compliant transportation for final disposal. 

Recently First Call was contacted by an industry partner that was struggling to meet the needs of a large client. With the COVID19 outbreak, staffing was stretched to the maximum. First Call provided trained technicians to assist with site work for five to six days worth of work. With the assistance of the First Call technicians and the clients leadership, the project was completed ahead of schedule to the satisfaction of our client as well as their client. First Call can assist in more ways than our 24/7 emergency response. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs 800-646-1290.