First Call Environmental, LLC North Carolina Region was activated to respond by a county Emergency Management agency for a release of motor oil as a result of a tractor fire. Crews responded to discover a need for a surface cleanup as well as impact to a retention pond via a storm drain.

Responding manager Wesley Klietches arrived on site with his team and assessed the project scope. After performing a job safety analysis and reviewing the site hazards with his team, they went to work on mitigating the release.

The team began by limiting the spread in a waterway/retention area. The outflow was secured with absorbent boom and sweep, and additional absorbents were used to corral the oil to a collection point. As First Call Environmental, LLC is a distributor for Spill Tech Absorbents, we have a wide range of materials to assist in our cleanup activities. 5” oil absorbent boom was chosen for its hydrophobic properties. This material will repel water while absorbing the petroleum from the surface. Oil absorbent sweep was also employed as it easily attaches to the absorbent boom to catch any lingering sheen on the water surface. The crew also utilized 15”x18” oil absorbent pads to remove accumulated product from the edges of the retention pond.

The crew then focused on the paved surface that had been impacted. Using granular absorbents, the free product was removed. The team then placed absorbents in the impacted drain and secured absorbents in the waterway. With proper placement techniques, a rainfall would wash all the remaining traces into the absorbents completing the cleanup.

The project was closed out two days later and all accumulated waste was containerized and transported for proper disposal. A fast response, trained team and high-quality products allowed for a safe and efficient cleanup. The First Call Difference is why our loyal customers, including many government agencies, trust First Call with their environmental needs.

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