Not everything goes as planned and when the chips are down, that’s when First Call Environmental is there for you.  

First Call responded to an overturned tractor trailer that slid down an embankment releasing an estimated 100 gallons of diesel fuel and also the contents of the trailer which was 25 tons of wood chips.  The released fuel impacted soil and water as the crew worked to dam up the contamination from further impacting anymore water.  Absorbent pads were used to collect the standing fuel from the water and the chips were used as a natural absorbent to contain the site for the remediation.

Crews returned to the site and performed the remediation with the use of two excavators.  The uncontaminated wood chips were loaded and sent back to the generator for reuse, while over 50 tons of contaminated wood chips and soil were removed and disposed of and replaced with clean backfill.

Accidents happen, and when they do it is good practice to have a trusted company to be there when you need them.  First Call Environmental, 24-7 emergency response.  Let us show you the “First Call Difference”  #spilllife  #spillninja