How can everyone on the job play a role in being safety conscious?

Believe it or not we offer everyone on any job that option when we do a pre incident safety briefing that covers everything on our Tailgate Safety Form.

The Tailgate Safety Form should include the following content in each section:

Weather – This section provides real time weather for the time of the job. This section is even more important when the job is outdoors. This helps to plan for any weather-related safety measures that may need to be made. (Cover from precipitation, warmth from the cold, or AC from the heat) Weather plays a huge role if the product is easily manipulated by wind, moisture in the air or even ambient temperature.

Project Scope – This section starts with the overall call type and the what mode the job is in at that moment. ER, scheduled work or something else. Once that type of work is selected, you then provide detail of what will be accomplished at the job. Details should be provided so that everyone understands all of the hazards associated with the work.

PPE – The PPE section is very self-explanatory. You make sure everyone is aware of the minimum PPE level required anywhere on the job site. If that PPE needs to be upgraded when the crew is in the “hot zone”, that should be very specific. Control zones should be discussed when necessary. Make sure everyone is aware of the respiratory protection selected, the glove type and the suit type.

The nearest hospital location and information should also be reviewed in this section.

Site Hazards – The site hazard section is where to add any equipment operation specific information, lock out tag out information, confined space information and any other site and job specific hazards. This is also the location in which you add the chemical specific hazards as well.

Air Monitoring – This section will confirm the need to have air monitoring to help identify or confirm the hazard of the product if present. It also helps identify the need to either upgrade or downgrade the selected PPE. The supervisor should also verify that the meter has been calibrated in the last 180 days.

Notes – The Notes section is where you would add anything else note otherwise mentioned in any other section.

Signatures – The Tailgate Safety form is reviewed by all site personnel prior to the site work being performed. It is also signed by all parties on site to include contractors. Additionally, if any crew members are added to the crew at a later time, they must also review the tailgate safety form and sign it.

This is the FCE pre incident action plan for safety.