This past week the First Call Family assembled from locations and departments to attend the 3rd quarter meeting in Ashland, VA. These meetings are a part of our culture and allow for inspiration, face to face communication, team building and of course training!

Our team assembled and the operations team kicked off a traffic incident management class presented by Drew Goings, our Columbus, Ohio Area Manager.  This session provided a valuable training to the operation team to better help provide safe work zones for our employees and motorist.

On day two, our CEO Mark Helberg led off the official opening for all team members. This was an exciting time as many new faces were introduced to the assembled group. Acknowledgements of large projects and noteworthy accomplishments provided an inspirational segway to the safety briefing by First Call Health and Safety Officer Alan Byrd.

The group was informed of our upcoming First Responder Appreciation Event to be held in May of 2020 in Ashland, VA.  This time was spent outlining the details of the event and what the expectations are of everyone within the company.  This event will be a complete team effort consisting of precise planning and execution in order to make the second annual event as successful as the first. The team then focused on a combination of administrative and operational trainings that all led into the unveiling of “The First Call Difference”.  “The First Call Difference” is our mission and vision statements along with our company’s commitments to our customers and our employees.  “The First Call Difference” is our way of life.

Our second day ended on a high note with Mr. Paul Butler of Paul Butler Presentations providing an inspirational forum on leadership.  Paul challenged the team to look within one another to see and utilize the potential that each team member possesses.  He also discussed the importance of respect and teamwork within the work place while putting everything in perspective on how valuable each and every employee is at First Call and why the WHO is much more important than the WHAT.

For the third day, Environmental Resource Center provided the group with their annual RCRA manifest training.  

After several days of training, sharing of knowledge and much appreciated fellowship, the team returned to their assigned locations to continue to provide and expand the “First Call Difference”.