Why do you need a policy review process?

Outdated policies can leave your organization at risk. Old policies may fail to comply with new laws and regulations. They may not address new systems or technology, which can result in inconsistent practices. Can you imagine a policy that still addresses whether you can bring in floppy disks from home or discusses the proper use of fax machines? Yet there are probably policy manuals out there that still have this information in them.

Our industry is constantly changing. There are techniques, terminology and technology that are never set in stone. More than that, we are in a position where we must stay on top of federal changes with OSHA, DOT and EPA. With federal changes and even some state changes it is the company’s responsibility to maintain that situational awareness and verify that their policies reflect said changes.

Policy review is most effective when it’s done regularly and proactively, not in reaction to an event. Don’t wait for a problem or violation to decide to review your company policies. If you had an ongoing review process, you could confidently address any issues or events that you face, and head off a lot of potential problems.