This month’s Project Spotlight is focused on our Woodbridge, NJ office who recently responded to a release of Nitric Acid. The Nitric Acid was reacting and formed a cloud outside of the trailer. Upon FCE’s arrival, the team partnered with the County Hazmat team to approach and open the trailer. Using Level B protection, the cloud increased. Due to the nearby residential areas and interstate, the decision was made by the command team to close the trailer and modify the plan. The entry teams were decontaminated, and a new plan was developed that incorporated the use of a fire hose and a fog stream to knock down the vapors. This plan required several attempts before the crew was able to make a safe entry. Upon entry, FCE began removing totes and placing them on poly sheeting until the damaged product was able to be reached. FCE inspected the removed totes to determine if they were intact.  Entry teams utilized air monitors and pH paper to determine the extent of corrosive materials in the air. Once the damaged tote was located, the remaining contents were pumped out. Neutralizers were placed on the ground to catch and contain run off and the trailer and all impacted totes were rinsed clean. This project required multiple hazmat, fire, EMS, environmental and police agencies all working together with the FCE team in order to come to a successful conclusion. Multiple entries were made as well as many trips through decon and medical monitoring in the hot and humid summer weather. This job went exceptionally well with the leadership of Chuck Reinwald, Jimmy Dare, and Ann Novakowski. Many thanks to the agencies on site, many of them volunteer, on their dedication to keeping the residents, businesses and the environment safe. Way to go FCE!