Hand and Finger Safety
The most important tools you possess are your hands.  Over a quarter of a million people suffer serious, even disabling hand injuries each year in the United States.
By making yourself aware of potential hazardous to your hands and fingers, following safety guidelines, and using the proper PPE, you can save your hands from injury and your entire body from disability.
Hand Hazards
Hand injuries are caused by improper use of machines, lack of hand protection, failure to use guards, lockout/tagout procedures, jewelry and loose fitting clothing which can all lead to serious injury and possible amputation.
Other hand injuries are caused by temperature extremes, electrical hazards, biohazards and equipment pinch points.
Hand Protection
There are many kinds of safety equipment to protect your fingers, hands and wrists from injury. For example:
  • Latex gloves protect from irritants
  • Synthetic or rubber gloves protect against certain chemicals
  • Special rubber gloves can protect against electricity
  • Kevlar or aluminized fabric gloves for protection against extreme temperatures
These protective measures alone, however, will not prevent hand and finger injuries.  But when combined with safe work habits, safe work attitudes and safe work practices, your hands and fingers can be secure for you entire work life.