First Call Environmental was requested to respond to an incident involving a rolled over DOT412 cargo tank truck loaded with a corrosive material. The tanker had run off of the roadway and turned over and landed next to a guard rail. Due to the severity of the roll over, FCE performed a damage assessment upon arrival. After a through damage assessment, it was determined that the integrity of the tank could not be confirmed. Due to the position, off loading would be best performed via direct access to the product by means of air drilling. FCE is equipped with specialty drill bit’s capable of cutting through the thick stainless tank. 

After bonding and grounding the tank and setting up for transfer into an empty stainless vessel, FCE began the process of drilling. Once complete, FCE crews utilized a stainless AOD pump that had been included in the bonding and grounding process and safely moved the product. Once off loaded, the wrecker service was able to upright and remove the tanker.
A project such as this requires the utilization of specialized response equipment that is operated by qualified cargo tank truck specialists. FCE is capable of responding and mitigating these types of incidents safely and effectively. Contact us today to experience the First Call Difference.