Our September Project Spotlight is shining on our Woodbridge New Jersey office after they responded to a release of Benzoyl Chloride that started smoking after coming into contact with the air. Our team of Regional Manager, Chris Kemp, Area Manager, Jinmi Dare, and Assistant Manager, Matthew Linchinsky, arrived on scene where they donned proper PPE and got to work locating the damaged container causing the spill. Once located, the damaged container was neutralized,  drummed and the crew moved on to rewrapping the salvageable product to avoid any further damage to the containers caused by shifts. Once the remaining freight was secured, our crew turned their attention to the impacted area of floor. They tested the pH of the released liquid, neutralized it, then applied and worked in granular sorbents. Once cleaned up, the crew drummed all waste produced. They then monitored it for any reactions and temperature changes, adding granular sorbents and water when necessary. Outstanding job to our Woodbridge Crew on their hard work and safe response!