Our project spotlight this month is all about a recent response done by our Augusta, GA crew. Our Augusta office is overseen by Director of Operations, Eric Hartman, Regional Manager, Darryl Roberts, and Area Manager, Tyrell Morris. The team responded to a release of 75 gallons of diesel on a roadway impacting grass. Upon Arrival, Tyrell and his Haz-Tech, Harold Fuller,  quickly applied granular sorbents and used the drum vac to collect as much diesel as possible. They then secured the site before leaving. Tyrell and his crew Rico Walton and Seth Shealy returned to the site at a later date for remediation. They removed the impacted soil, testing along the way to confirm there was no diesel. Once all the diesel impacted soil was removed they spread, grated, and applied grass seed to the impacted area. Excellent job to our field crew as well as Project Manager, Abby Borders, who provided excellent communication to the client and closed this job quickly. Way to go Augusta Crew!