This month we’re featuring FOUR offices in our project Spotlight! Dinwiddie, VA, Fredericksburg, VA, Waynesboro, VA and Hagerstown, MD put in some serious work when responding to a release of 20% Sodium hydroxide in soil. Prior to First Call Environmental’s arrival, the Sodium Hydroxide had impacted the soil soaking six feet into the ground after a transfer attempt overflowed. Product ran outside of the building, through piping, into a drainage well, which then overflowed into the building’s yard. First Call Environmental arrived on site and got to work donning proper PPE and assessing the scene. Our crews found that over 7,000 square feet of soil and asphalt had been impacted

This project was led by Area Manager Colleen Neogra. Upon arrival, her crew consisting of Noah Freeland, Colby Metz, and Nathaniel Alford began containing the spill. Personnel from the Dinwiddie office consisting of, Area Manager Shaun Raynor, and tech Caleb Lamb, as well as our Waynesboro, VA office, consisting of Area manager Dustin Griffin and techs Justin Woodbury and Josh Rankin, and our Stafford, VA techs Mike Mincey, Tyler Philip, Nathaniel Knutson and Elizabeth Long arrived on scene to support. These crews worked together to hand dig the area as there was underground pipes, electrical lines, and communication lines that did not allow for larger equipment to be used. The projected lasted over 4 days with a total of almost 5000-gallons of impacted soil dug up for disposal.


Great job to all involved!