First Call Environmental was requested to respond to a release of several hundred gallons of a caustic liquid at a manufacturing facility. Upon arrival it was discovered that the caustic was a high concentration and had impacted an area of soil and gravel. First Call began to neutralize the material and remove the impacted soil. It was later discovered that this had been an ongoing release that had impacted a drain leading to a retention pond. The amount and concentration had resulted in an elevated pH across the entire pond.

Due to the high level of pH in the pond, the decision was made to drain, treat and discharge the contents of the pond in order to remove the impacted mud beneath it. First Call mobilized a series of temporary storage tanks with a capacity in excess of 100k gallons. Pumps were installed to drain the pond as well as address any type of overflow of the site drainage system during rain events. First Call monitored the site and ensured that all treatment and discharges were in compliance with State permitting already in place.

First Call continues to maintain the site in order to restore the pond to safe and acceptable limits. From a small petroleum release to a major fixed facility incident, First Call has the experience and resources to mitigate any incident. Contact us today for more information on managing your potential liabilities in the event of a release.