First Call Environmental is focused on leading with safety. We push to make sure that we are meeting the standards within the company and setting the PACE (Process, Accountability, Communication, and Engagement) standards high. Safety is the responsibility of every single employee at First Call Environmental. We don’t always have all of or the most accurate information at the beginning of jobs. We may not even know what the scope of work will be until we arrive to evaluate the job.

Job Scope is an always evolving process. It is our leaders’ job to make sure that we gather as much information as possible, as early as possible, so that we can properly respond to anything with an effective and efficient process driven by safety and policies. Verification and communication allow for this, guaranteeing that we are following policies and continue to be compliant with OSHA guidelines as well.

Once we have safely utilized our PACE method, we are able to assure that jobs have the appropriate personnel and resources.