First Call Environmental was notified of an overturned tanker truck containing a corrosive material blocking a roadway. The responsible party received our name off of a contractor list provided by the local EMA and Hazmat. After obtaining the product information, First Call dispatched a transfer team lead by a cargo tank truck specialist to the site.

First Call arrived within 45 minutes of the initial call and performed an entry assessment to determine the condition of the valves and integrity of the tank. The team had numerous means on hand to safely offload the product including an Betts emergency off loading fixture.

The product was highly corrosive and a certified clean stainless DOT 406 tank was needed for transfer. The responsible party was unable to provide one in a reasonable amount of time so First Call went to work. The field crew grounded the tanker and had the stainless steel transfer pump and chemical transfer hoses in place when the empty tanker arrived.

The specialists vented the damaged tanker, completed the bonding and grounding process and safely transferred the product. Once complete, the team secured the damaged tanker for removal and completed the cleanup of product from the roadway.