This past month, our New Jersey crew, led by Regional Manager Chuck Reinwald, responded to a Sulfuric Acid release that’s pH was testing about 2.7. Upon arrival, our crews found waterways had been impacted and stepped into action immediately to protect the environment. Once proper PPE had been donned, First Call crews began siphoning up the impacted areas of water and testing the pH so they could form a plan moving forward. Whiling siphoning was taking place our New Jersey crews walked the embankment to better assess the impact this spill had. They found signs it had impacted the sediment. Due to the challenging location and complexity of this spill, FCE took time to reevaluate and start forming a new plan of attack for the clean-up. They dammed multiple areas of the creek to stop the spread of the Sulfuric Acid and spent 4 days pumping and siphoning impacted water into totes. This process has been continued by Jimi Dare and his exceptional crew members, Maria, Elton, Shaka, Delon, Anthony, Conor, Gabriel, Tristian, Josue. These crews continue to respond and will continue to respond in order to make sure this site is cleaned and restored. Project Manager, Ann Novakowski, has continued exceptional communication with our New Jersey crews and the spill generator to ensure this project continues to run smoothly. Way to go FCE!