This month’s Project Spotlight shows off the excellent work done in New Jersey by the First Call team! FCE received a call for an emergency response to a plane crash. At a local airport, a plane ran off the runway and needed the fuel to be removed from the wings it had broken off. In order to remove the fuel from the wings, FCE was required to drill into them. Our crews donned appropriate PPE, properly grounded and bonded everything, marked the access points, and began drilling. They quickly realized drilling into the wings was significantly different than drilling into our more typical tankers. With the help of local fire department personnel, an air chisel, and extraction tools, FCE was able to drill through the wings and remove all fuel from them with the vac truck on site. A crane was used to remove the empty wings so FCE could clean the fuel and water that had gathered under them. In total, FCE collected 400 gallons of fuel for waste. Due to the efficient clean up and excellent paperwork from the New Jersey crew, led by Chuck Reinwald, the project manager, Ann Novakowski, was able to close this job completely in less than a month while Matt Corley, sales team, did an exceptional job of communicating with the customer. Way to go FCE!