This month First Call tackled a two-day job in Richmond, VA for a release of at least 2,000 gallons of heptane, oil, and water mixture needing to be pumped into totes. First Call’s Richmond crew, led by Blake Hartman and Brent Matthys, got the call to respond and arrived on scene. Upon arrival, the crew got to work and was able to acquire a specialty hose for the chemical mixture and a 2-inch stainless steel double diaphragm pump. The crew donned appropriate PPE, set up grounding and bonding cables, then set up the pump and hoses for operation. Pumping was initiated and the crew was able to fill 16 275-gallon totes before breaking down and leaving for the day. First call returned the next day to continue work. The crew donned all appropriate PPE and set up equipment to continue pumping. FCE initiated the pumping with no issues. They quickly and efficiently completed the process of filling an additional 16 275-gallon totes. This project was completed fully in less than a month. The customer received detailed daily communication regarding what FCE did, and what they were planning to do the next day, thanks to the Project manager, Taylor Hartman, and the Richmond Crew’s excellent communication.

 In total, First Call pumped out about 8,800 gallons of product. This job also required about 104 hours of labor total, 110 feet of steel hose, 32 275-gallon totes, and more. Way to go FCE!