First Call Environmental is always looking to provide professional, dependable, honest, and efficient environmental services to our customers. We remain customer centered, community oriented and responder inspired. We are focused, not only on environmental stewardship and activities benefiting the public, but continuing to build value and make First Call Environmental a truly sustainable company. 

Recently First Call Environmental took that mission to an entirely new level as Bill Donati and Chuck Reinwald taught a week long Hazwoper class for six personnel in one of our customer’s fire brigades. Bill Donati, First Call’s Health and Safety Officer, operated as the course coordinator for the class and Chuck Reinwald, our Director of Emergency Response, operated as the lead instructor for the class. 

Bill and Chuck started their week going through the lectures and progressed through many different practical skills and scenarios. Those included SDS interpretation, PPE selection, detection, monitoring, DECON, plugging, patching, overpacking, diking, diverting, and booming operations. All of these were performed while in level B or level A PPE. They finished their week with a final chlorine scenario ending with a written and practical test.

These were long days in the summer sun, but First Call was excited to continue building an incredible working relationship as well as provide an amazing training product for a great customer.  This training service offering helps First Call improve our customer’s safety infrastructure which in turn makes our customer’s work force and facilities safer and more efficient. First Call takes great pride and ownership in the products that have our name associated and this opportunity was no different.

Let the environmental professionals at First Call design a custom safety training course for you and your company!  One call to 800-646-1290 puts you in touch with our team who can work with you and your company’s specific needs when it comes to safety training.  Let First Call Environmental show you, “The First Call Difference.”