First Call Environmental Augusta, GA was dispatched to respond to a site with a collapse of industrial shelving resulting in a large spill of car batteries and associated contents. Crews mobilized to the site and discovered several hundred batteries had fallen when corrosion from the battery acid had weakened the steel support structure.

Crews went to work absorbing and neutralizing any visible acid prior to removal of the damaged structure. Once the structure was removed, crews worked to separate the batteries into damaged and non damaged groups. Once separated, the team began to place the batteries in stacks into Gaylord boxes. They would be returned to the manufacturer for recycling.

While coordinating with facility personnel who were removing the steel structure, First Call coordinated a schedule that worked for all parties to remove all the batteries, package them for transportation and decontaminated all impacted areas. Although this was a complex project that required extensive resources, the crew was able to complete all required tasks ahead of schedule.