First Call Environmental’s project spotlight is focused on a 45,000-gallon soybean oil release in Saddlebrook, NJ this month! Upon First Call’s arrival, drains leading to a creek had been impacted. Our crews were quick to respond and contained the spill then deployed additional crews to change boom that was applied to the creek prior to FCE arrival. A vac truck was required to skim the oil out of the creek in various locations. FCE returned to the site to clean up the truck fire involving the oil and has continued visiting the site frequently to change boom and monitor the impacted area and waterway to ensure everything is done appropriately. This job has been extremely well managed by Project Manager, Ann Novakowski; Sales Rep, Matt Corley; and the entire New Jersey crew, led by Chuck Reinwald and Scott McKeague. In total this job has required:

Three 20-yard roll-off boxes

One 10,000-gallon Frac tank

Over 155 bags/bales of sorbents

Over 420 feet of Boom rope

And over 380 Hours of Labor

Well done FCE!