For 68 years, fire departments have raised millions of dollars for the WHAS Crusade for Children, which distributes funds to schools, hospitals and organizations that provide critical services to children with special needs across the state of Kentucky and Indiana. More than ever, Crusade funding to its partner organizations is extremely critical, as everyone has been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local fire departments typically raise 50% of the annual Crusade tote board, but with social distancing in place still, we are limited in what we can do to continue this important effort. We want to make sure the children and families impacted by Crusade dollars do not suffer a loss of services. Fire departments also host special events year round leading up to the first weekend in June along with hosting fish fries, car washes, corn hole tournaments, family game night, softball games, kick ball games, golf scrambles, etc.

Wayne Mosely, First Call Environmental’s Louisville, KY Area Manager has a special place in his heart for the Crusade. Growing up in the fire service, Wayne has been around the Crusade For Children for over 43 years. Wayne lost his brother back in 1990 due to an illness and if it wasn’t for the Crusade, he and his family would not have gotten to spend the 5 years they were able to enjoy with him. Wayne’s brother spent two and half years in the hospital when he was first born and most of the equipment in the children’s hospital was donated by the Crusade for Children.

So when Wayne came to the Zoneton Fire Department in 2004, he told his chief that he wanted to do something a little extra for the Crusade. Wayne and his chief, being true outdoorsmen, discussed trying to get a fishing tournament up and going. So in 2007, Wayne decided to do just that!

The first year Wayne held the tournament, there were only 28 boats registered (which isn’t bad for year one), the following year it grew to 50 boats, then by the 3rd year, it rocketed up to 92 boats! In the years after, there have been over 100 boats participating in the tournament and now, Wayne’s event is the largest charity fishing tournament in the state of Kentucky!

In December of 2020, Wayne lost one of his mentors, leaders, and friends, Chief Rob Orkies due to complications from Covid-19. That is why this year, Wyane’s tournament is in honor of him. Taking place at the Falls of Rough, KY at Rough River Lake, honoring Chief Orkies and also falling on 9/11/2021, this tournament was truly something special! The previous record for boats entered stood at 116 and at the cutoff on Saturday morning, there were 144 boats registered traveling from Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio! Door Prizes, raffles, giveaways, great food and drink, the day was full of such positivity and support for Wayne and the Crusade for Children!

If you would like to donate to the Crusade for Children, please follow the link below. There is a place where you can credit your donation to Wayne’s fire department as well. Please list “Zoneton Fire Protection District” with your donation.

First Call wants to thank Wayne Mosely for all the hard work and effort he puts in to plan and host this amazing event and also for allowing First Call Environmental to be a part of such an awesome cause!

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