The First Call Cares December Corporate initiative was to partner with Hanover Safe Place, a non-profit organization that offers Hotline, Safety Planning, Residential & Emergency Shelter, Case Management, Court Advocacy, RHART, Counseling, Support Groups, Classes (adults & children) and MANY more Services to victims of domestic and sexual violence.     

Many families leave a bad situation quickly and enter a shelter without the basic materials for daily living that we all take for granted. By partnering with Hanover Safe Place, we were able to provide five “Welcome Baskets” for families to be used as they are placed in shelter.  These baskets help the family during their initial emergency shelter and go with them as they transition into their own housing.  This great partnership was championed by our very own Erica Boeckle. 

Check out for all of the services offered.

A Welcome Basket includes:

At least TWO (2) of the following-

– George Forman Grill

– Electric Skillet

– Electric Griddle

– Crock Pot

– Toaster Oven

 Mandatory Items:

– Dish Towels

– Microwave safe dinner set for FOUR (4) people (cups, plates and bowls)

– Dish soap

– Hand soap

– Shampoo

– Conditioner

– Shower gel/body soap

– Laundry Basket

– Silverware for FOUR (4) people

– Laundry detergent

– Feminine Hygiene products (regular pads)

– Paper towels

– Cleaning supplies (Lysol wipes, bathroom cleaner)

– Kitchen Utensils for cooking (spatula, mixing spoons, etc.)

– Mixing Bowls

– Manual can opener

– Gift card to Grocery Store

– Gas card

 Wish List- Provide at least THREE (3) additional items from this list:

– Food storage containers

– Deodorant

– Hair brush/comb

– Toothbrush/toothpaste

– Bath Towels

– Plastic/Paper Plates

– Plastic utensils

– Mouthwash

– Fabric softener/dry sheets

– Napkins

– Solo cups

– Body Lotion

We want to thank everyone who was able to donate items to the Welcome Baskets and give back to our local community at Corporate.  We also strongly encourage other FCE locations to get involved in their community by leveraging the First Call Cares program.  If you have an idea about how to support your community, please send to it Human Resources so it can be reviewed.