First Call Environmental, LLC conducted its quarterly manager training in November 2021. During this event, a HAZMAT Rodeo was held to challenge our operations team with several scenarios they are likely to encounter in the field.

With a total of five stations consisting of:

  • Tanker tap
    • The team will choose a member to correctly cold tap a simulated DOT406 tank truck
  • DOT407 tanker off-loading device installation
    • The team will choose two members to correctly install a Betts emergency off loading fixture to a washout cap on a simulated DOT407 tank truck
  • Unknown chemical classification
    • The team will choose two members to properly classify an unknown chemical for further analytical based upon the hazardous characteristics found in a screening process
  • Pre trip inspection
    • The team will perform a per trip inspection on a response unit that has been tampered with to discover missing items of safety violations
  • Tabletop tote transfer
    • The team will review a scenario involving a damaged IBC tote and determine the safest and most effective means of transferring the contents

Prior to engaging in each challenge, the chosen team lead conducted a job safety analysis and a tailgate safety meeting with their team. Points were assigned based upon the time to completion as well as the execution of each task. Evaluators were made up of senior staff members of First Call as well as outside partner agencies.

At the end of the Rodeo, all scores were calculated, and our Northern Region was victorious.

Having a team of properly trained and experienced managers as well as the proper tools to further their training ensures that we are always ready to provide our customers with the First Call Difference. First Call Environmental strives to ensure our training is continual and effective. Our cargo tank truck simulator is one example of our efforts to ensure preparedness.