Here’s a quick reminder of how to properly load heavy equipment.

  1. Park your trailer on a level surface connected to your towing vehicle.
  2. Weight should be distributed over the front of the trailer axle(s); not causing the nose of the towing vehicle to raise up OR the rear of the vehicle to drop down substantially.
  3. Tie-Down with weight rated straps or chains. Heavy equipment should be tied down at marked tiedown points and in a way that the chains are pulling against the machine in opposite directions.

      Always check your chains and connectors for wear and/or damage. Make sure your brake-away cable and box are intact and connected properly. Have a helper stand behind the vehicle, in your line of sight, to test your trailer lights prior to traveling.

      Not checking your tiedowns and lights could result in a serious injury or a failed roadside inspection.

      Happy Hauling!