First Call Environmental sent 10 members of the Disaster Strike Team to Saint Thomas to assist in the clean up efforts after two major hurricanes devastated the U.S. Virgin Islands. Our team had twelve days to sort through a host of chemicals and classify them for compatibility so they could be packaged and disposed of. We were originally told of four 40 foot conex boxes that needed to be gone through. While the team was en route the count was upped to seven 40 foot conex boxes.

Once the team touched down and did a site survey they encountered a total of nine 45 foot conex boxes that needed to be sorted. The team got right to work on the project and completed the job in ten days. The team dealt with many issues while deployed with customs and logistics along with high temperatures and humidity on a daily basis while working at least 10 hour days. The team also came across closed roadways and other job hazards daily. While never dealing with a disaster is easy, our team stepped up and overcame every obstacle thrown at them. We couldn’t be prouder of a group of individuals who made up only a small portion of our company. First Call Environmental strives to show the “First Call Difference” on every project we take on and this project in particular, our effort defines exact that.