This month we’re featuring our Western Region for our Project Spotlight! After a call for a 1000-gallon release of used motor oil, our Cincinnati, OH office, managed by Jeremy Armstrong, responded. This release covered a large parking lot and impacted a drain in the lot. Upon First Call’s arrival, the parking lot was cleared and our crews vacuumed out the impacted drain with a vac truck. The Cincinnati crew then power washed the lot and continued using the vac truck to collect waste water. Once the lot was completely cleared, all debris was swept up and placed into a drum for disposal. Thanks to Jeremy’s exceptional crew: Jason New, Christopher Jeffers, Jeremy McIntosh, and Andrea Gordon this massive spill was completely cleaned up in under six hours. Once the field work was completed, Project Manager Makayla Stepp-Davis, worked with Waste Coordinator, Erica Boeckle, to get the debris disposed. Due to Makayla’s efficiency and Jeremy’s communication, this job was completely closed and billed exceptionally fast.