The First Call Environmental Bristol, VA crew stole the show this month and is our May Project Spotlight Feature! The Bristol Crew, run by Regional Manager, Mike Newman, and Area Manager, Eric Vaughn, recently responded to a release of latex adhesive. While this could have been a sticky situation, they avoided any potential issues by having a solid plan. Upon their arrival, the crew applied boom to the appropriate areas to ensure the environment would be protected and nothing would impact any drains onsite. They then pressure washed the area and drummed up all the waste generated, leaving behind a clean site. Thank you to Eric, and his team Bradley Wood, James Howlett, and Matthew Torbett who worked with Project Manager, Makayla Stepp-Davis, to perform this job and get it wrapped up in a timely fashion. Makayla did an exceptional job of communicating with the crew, client, and coordinating the disposal of waste from this job in a timely fashion. Well done to all involved!!