It was a damp fall day when First Call Environmental Charlotte, NC was dispatched to a release of glue from a 55 gallon drum. Upon arrival, crews discovered that the material had released in a trailer but approximately 80% had made it onto the surface of the parking lot below. Rains had pushed the product to the nearby drains and downpours had caused an overrun of defensive measures. First Call dispatched a vacuum truck to remove product from the drainage system while crews focused on containing the contaminated runoff. Quick actions by the First Call crew prevented any significant release of product into drains that emptied into a nearby river. Crews worked throughout the day to clean the impacted parking lot, trailer and freight. The final cleanup required pressure washing of the trailer and a large area of parking lot. First Call crews focus on more than just “getting the job done”, our focus is on getting the job done the First Call way.  #spilllife #spillninja