Despite all of the previous year’s woes and illnesses, First Call Environmental made an appearance at the 2021 BEST (Business Environmental and Safety Training) Conference normally held in Raleigh, North Carolina. This year however, in the interest of public safety, the BEST Conference was held virtually and streamed to over 180 individuals in various parts of the state. These people were seated in their offices, both at home and their place of business. Some of these essential workers had just recently stepped back through the threshold of their work from the stay at home orders only months ago retracted.

Among the attendees were firefighters, environmental contractors, safety managers, and state agencies. These individuals joined together to share the one thing this conference is dedicated to, the safety of our people and the environment in which they live. An abundance of topics were discussed in great detail to showcase the changes made to processes and legal updates. These attendees will ensure that new information is disseminated to those who could not attend throughout the state of North Carolina. Leaders in several fields of industry and government made themselves available to answer questions, provide insight, and were friendly faces in a world that has been covered with a mask for quite a while. And what a welcome change this was!

Barring all the glitz and glam of the event, if not for the support of local businesses and state government stepping in, this event may have gone stale. Several companies stepped in to ensure that this conference went off without a hitch. Donations were sent in to ensure that a digital forum could be built to not only disseminate information, but to also create a networking area where people could chat, get to know one another, and find ways of helping other businesses grow or stay in compliance with the new legislature.

The conference was a great success and truly shows that no matter what storms the world throws at us, we can prosper and be stronger than the storms we bear.

First Call Environmental looks forward to being a proud supporter of next year’s BEST Conference!