About Our Team

Corporate Office

Mark Helberg

Chief Executive Officer

Wade Williams

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Custis Coleman

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Pulyer

Vice President of Operations

Steve Nesteriak

Director of Project Management

Rebecca Brent

Senior Project Manager

Doug Morris

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Pat Procopio

Director of Human Resources

Harry E. Gregori, Jr.

Lead Regulatory Manager

John Conover

Senior Scientist

Dana White

Accounting Manager

Hannah Young

Project Manager

Reid Foster

Richmond, VA Manager/Central Region Manager

U.S. Field Offices

David Dyer

Western Region Manager

Nick Bayne

Baltimore, MD Manager

Dwayne Womble

Columbia, SC Southern Regional Manager

Josh Schmidt

Cincinnati, OH Area Manager.

Steven Arthur

Columbia, SC Assistant Manager

Mike Trivette

Roanoke, VA Area Manager

Matt Berry

South Hill, VA Area Manager

Wayne Mosely

Louisville, KY Area Manager

Ann Novakowski

Raleigh, NC Assistant Manager

Michael Tomaszewski

Augusta, GA Assistant Manager

Chuck Reinwald

Northern Region Manager

Employee Spotlight

Chuck Reinwald

Chuck Reinwald

Northern Region Manager

Chuck Reinwald is the Northern Region Manager for First Call Environmental. Chuck has extensive experience in the environmental industry with heavy emphasis on emergency response.

In addition to ensuring safe and efficient operations in NY, NJ, PA, DE and MD, Chuck is an instrumental part of the First Call Strike Team. He was the field operations manager during the hurricane response in the US Virgin Islands as well as the incident manager during major incidents in GA and WV.

In his downtime, he enjoys spending time with his family, and is a Cubmaster in his home state of New Jersey.